Why we love what we do

There is so much to love about the West Coast of any continent. Then again, there is something special about about every coastline. But we always like to think our's is the Best Coast. What's not to love, the air, the scenery, the ambience, the colors and the feeling. We tend to come alive whenever we reach a shoreline of any ocean....especially ours.

I have paired my love for the sea, with my love of comfortable clothing. As a kid, I would be attracted to soft t-shirts. Unfortunately, my softest t-shirt was always my ugliest t-shirts. And my mom would find them and make them vanish. I would ask her over and over, have you seen my "1992 Dream Team Olympics tshirt". She would just pretend like she didn't know what I was talking about. Then I would find it a giveaway bag at the very bottom. I had that shirt for 15 years.

So, 30 years later and so many t-shirts later I have decided to create my own favorite t-shirt company called West Coast Best Coast Designs. Actually, I acquired this company from a local Prince Rupert gal who was chasing the same dream but with this name. Rather than starting my own brand, I decided to approach her with the proposition to buy this company from her. Fortunately, she agreed to sell her apparel and trademark to me and the rest is old news. It was a blessing to meet her and be able to take over this wonderful company.

We will continue to put in the effort and quality into this company. We will keep producing fun and trendy designs and putting them on quality soft favorite t's. On a side note, we will be donating a portion of all sales to a charity and one educational bursary in my mother's name. She lost her battle to cancer in 2018 and this type of contribution will help in keeping her legacy alive.

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